International Polar Guides Association


New Levels Introduced   


IPGA recently introduced two levels of endorsement Polar Guide  and Master Polar GuideThe restructure broadens the entry-level criteria for polar while recognising the unique skills of long-distance North and South Pole specialists.

Polar Guide Endorsement

The Polar Guide endorsement recognises short-distance expertise on both sea ice and land ice and does not require guides to have Antarctic experience. Practical experience can be gained over three last-degree expeditions to both poles or single continuous twenty-day durations on both sea and land ice.


Master Polar Guide Endorsement

The Master Polar Guide endorsement is awarded to applicants with unguided full-distance North and South Pole expedition experience. IPGA recognises the unique skills that such experiences engender and endorse Master guides to both consult on and guide full-distance North and South Pole expeditions.




IPGA continues to serve the polar community by regulating the quality of polar guiding through its endorsement program and encouraging polar users to engage the services of IPGA-endorsed guides. 




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May 15, 2013