Guide Qualities

Every IPGA guide is able to:                                                                                                                       

  • assess, select and prepare clients

  • select, procure and modify equipment suitable for a range of polar activities in their speciality areas

  • select, procure and prepare food suitable for a range of polar activities

  • organise all aspects of polar expedition logistics in their speciality areas

  • determine appropriate guide to client ratios

  • travel with skill and confidence over any polar ice environment within their in their speciality areas

  • conduct all aspects of an expedition in a safe manner

  • anticipate, assess and mitigate environmental and other threats

  • conduct wilderness first-aid, trauma and rescue procedures

  • competently use firearms and communications equipment and is experienced with aircraft ground procedures

  • provide contacts and relevant authorities with a comprehensive operations manual

  • display a duty of care towards clients

  • respond competently to the leadership, motivational, social and emotional demands of a team