Name Thomas Ulrich
Level Master Polar Guide
Nationality Switzerland
Status Active
Endorsed July 2012
Website www.thomasulrich.com
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone +41 33 823 4707
Member # 00009



 North Pole Yes
South Pole No


  TU EXP FJL 068 16 tu exp fjl 066 11 a3 TU EXP FJL KD24846 TU EXP LAST-DEGREE2004 003 03 UW EXP ARCTICSOLO 2006 E4O6346 UW EXP ARCTICSOLO 2006 E4O6892 UW EXP ARCTICSOLO 2006 E4O7919 TU EXP NORDPOL D76337 UW EXP ARCTICSOLO 2006 E4O6858 




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